Why is Nano-composite Zirconia Ceramic Coating Needed?

With the development of advanced science and technology such as aerospace, electronics and military industry, the application of special ceramic coating has been developed rapidly. Compared with the overall structure of ceramic materials, the high-performance coating can organically combine the properties of high-temperature resistance, high abrasion resistance and high corrosion resistance of the ceramic materials, which can give play to the comprehensive advantages of two kinds of materials. The Nano-composite ceramic coating can be applied to ferrous metals, glass, resin plate and other matrix materials. Nanometer compound zirconia ceramic coating is a kind of special ceramic coating material with mature technology which is widely used.

From the development direction of nano-composite zirconia ceramic coating, it is not only applied in high-end fields such as military industry but also began to exert its power in the civil field gradually. Midea, Foxconn, TCL, etc., are the favored ones of nano-composite zirconia ceramic coatings, they are trying to apply this advanced nanotechnology to their own products actively. Why are these top civilian companies so enamored with nanocomposite ceramic coatings? It can be condensed into three points:

The first point is that the advantages of metal and ceramics are complementary and flexible;

The second point is the need for special performance and conditions;

The third point is the shape size of the workpiece and the cost-effective solution of economic benefit.

The conventional application of nano-composite zirconia ceramic coating is thermal barrier coating, isolation and anticorrosion. Besides the zirconia ceramic cell phone cover plate and zirconia ceramic tooth, nano-composite zirconia ceramic coating should be a focus topic in the hot field of zirconia. The continuous innovation of nano-ceramic coating effectively reduces the application cost of the enterprise coating, and can also improve its product performance.

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