What is Thermal Spraying Zinc

Thermal spray powders play an important role in the overall thermal spray material. Thermal spraying alloy powders are including nickel powder for thermal spraying, iron-based and cobalt-based alloy powder, they are used respectively to repair and protect mechanical parts depending on the coating hardness.

thermal spraying

It works: the compressed air in the gun as the driving force, driven by the drive, the zinc wire through the nozzle, the oxygen-acetylene flame heating, as a melt driven by the drive system, to make it atomized into particles and spray to the workpiece on the formation of thermal spray zinc protective layer by compressed air. Due to the uneven surface of the substrate after blasting, the heat-shrinkable metal coating firmly adheres to the surface of the workpiece.

Uses: It atomized into fine droplets or high-temperature particles under the action of high-speed airflow, jet to the treated workpiece surface at a high jet speed, and formed a solid cover, so that the workpiece surface can obtain different hardness, wear, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, heat insulation, conductivity, sealing, disinfection, anti-microwave radiation and other special physical and chemical properties. It can be repaired in the maintenance of equipment waste, so that scrapped parts “back to life”; also can strengthen and pre-protection in the manufacture of new products, so that “longevity.”

thermal spraying surface

Spraying requirements:
1. the purity of metal spraying zinc wire is not less than 99.99%.
2. Zinc wire should be smooth, no rust, no oil, no crease, diameter of 2.0 ~ 3.0mm.

Spraying process requirements:
1. Spray the compressed air should be clean, dry, the pressure shall not be less than 0.4MPa.
2. Spraying distance is 100 ~ 200mm, spray gun as far as possible with the substrate surface at right angles, not less than 45 °.
3 spray gun moving speed to a spray thickness of 25 ~ 80μm is appropriate.
4. The spray tape should be between the width of 1/3 overlap, the thickness should be as uniform as possible.
5. The spray gun between spray layers should be perpendicular to each other to cover the cross.
6. Coating surface temperature dropped below 70 ℃, and then begin the next spray.

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