What is the Tungsten Oxide Heat-insulating Glass?

Improving the energy efficiency of glass is regarded as a positive energy saving method worth advocating. This kind of energy-saving means asks vitreous oneself can assure indoor daylighting already while holding the function of heat insulation concurrently. The scientists applied tungsten oxide to a glass coating to convert ordinary glass into the heat-insulating glass with a tungsten oxide coating in a simple and easy-to-operate way.

In the case of not open air conditioning refrigeration, tungsten oxide heat-insulating can make indoor temperature to reduce 3-6 ℃, as well as reduce the surface temperature of the indoor sunshine point-blank objects at least 10 ℃. This prevents indoor objects from being released into the room again after absorbing heat, thus increases the air conditioning refrigeration compound and causes unnecessary energy waste. In the condition of indoor air conditioning refrigeration, it can reduce the load of air conditioning refrigeration operation, greatly shorten the time required for air conditioning refrigeration, thereby indirectly achieving the goal of comfort and energy saves. At present, such an efficient way of energy saving has become an increasingly active way of energy saving.

The glass coated with tungsten oxide can shield 99.7% of ultraviolet rays, providing UV protection for indoor personnel and objects on display, as well as greatly extending the service life of articles and protecting the health and safety of human body. Tungsten oxide coated insulating glass is regarded as a green building material with broad application prospects, which has been widely used in hotel apartment glass, office building glass curtain, wall, and other construction industries.

 office building glass curtain

Application of tungsten oxide insulating-glass in the museum

Various historical and precious cultural relics displayed in museums are often troubled by the destructive effects of ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum in the work of cultural relic protection. The application of tungsten oxide heat-insulating glass can not only block the influence of ultraviolet ray and infrared ray on cultural relics but also reduce the adverse impact of external temperature changes on cultural relics, so as to effectively reduce the complexity of cultural relic protection work. Besides, the high light transmittance of this material also provides the public with the opportunity to see the cultural relics up close.

The invisible light in the spectrum is mainly ultraviolet light and infrared light, the wavelength of these two kinds of light is different but for cultural relics have a certain degree of damage, especially the destructive power of ultraviolet light is stronger. Fabrics, ceramics and other materials in cultural relics contain high organic components, such as plant fiber or animal fiber, and the penetration ability of ultraviolet light will break the long chain chemical bonds inside the organic material, which will lead to the organic original mechanical structure changes, resulting in brittle fabrics and ceramic surface cracks and other conditions. Therefore, it is very important to add the tungsten oxide heat-insulating glass protective barrier to block the adverse effects of these two kinds of invisible light for the protection of precious cultural relics in the museum.

Tungsten Oxide Heat-insulating Glass

Application of tungsten oxide heat insulating-glass in the stadium

Tungsten oxide heat-insulating glass is used in the building daylighting glass, which can ensure the original design of the building daylighting needs, but also to achieve good heat insulation function. The application of this material in the construction of stadiums and gymnasiums has effectively reduced the increased cooling cost of the building interior due to the influence of the external high-temperature environment, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

More and larger stadium and gymnasium can use glass top design in construction, such design can make architectural appearance beautiful and changeful not only, and have a good daylighting effect. Tungsten oxide nano-fiber coating on the surface of tungsten oxide heat-insulating glass has a good barrier function to the ultraviolet ray and infrared ray in sunlight, which prevents the radiant heat in sunlight from entering the interior of the stadium and also reduces the influence of long-term ultraviolet ray.

Tungsten oxide insulating glass protects interior furnishings

Tungsten oxide heat-insulating glass has a protective effect on indoor household decoration mainly due to the contribution of tungsten oxide nano-coating on the glass surface. Tungsten oxide nano-coating has the ability to block ultraviolet and infrared rays, reduce the penetration of ultraviolet and infrared rays in sunlight from glass Windows and doors, so as to protect the decorations in the room from damage from ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Sunlight brings to the interior not only the colorful world of visible light but also invisible light, such as ultraviolet and infrared. Ultraviolet light has a strong penetration force, and it will break cellulose and protein long chain chemical bonds, resulting in the destruction of the mechanical stability of both molecules. It can make originally beautiful adornment appears the surface is cracked, fade, more serious can make adornment becomes fragile. Tungsten oxide heat-insulating glass is used for windows and doors to protect interior decorations from the sun, which can effectively reduce the damage of ultraviolet ray and infrared ray to indoor adornment, and prolong the use time of adornment, bring people more aesthetic enjoyment thereby.

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