What is Molybdenum Based Thermal Spray Powder Used for

Molybdenum based coatings reduce the friction wear caused by the up and down motion of the piston rings in the cylinder bore.
Coatings containing agglomerated and sintered molybdenum-carbide (Mo-Mo2C) powder used for atmospheric plasma spraying are even harder and more abrasion resistant than pure molybdenum coatings or coatings containing nickel self-fluxing alloys.

Molybdenum coatings

Molybdenum based thermal spray powders are characterized by their exceptional sliding properties and wear resistance.
Due to its low friction coefficient, high sliding wear resistance and ductility, molybdenum (Mo) spray powder is often used to manufacture engine pistons and synchronizer rings in the automotive industry.
In addition, we use our MoW alloys to produce sputtering targets for coating flat screens. MoW layers possess enhanced etchability, a property which is of value for the manufacture of thin-film transistors.

Stanford Advanced Materials has extensive knowledge in powder development and application technology. We are equipped to meet customers’ specific needs and requirements thanks to our wide-ranging production capabilities such as our spray laboratory and application technology department.
Molybdenum has exceptional anti-friction properties for engine and machine parts.

Stanford Advanced Materials supplies its high quality molybdenum spray powders.
SAM’ raw material supply is founded on two pillars: the continuous expansion of our recycling activities and the fair, ethical, and environmentally friendly procurement of raw materials.

Our competence to produce small batches of customized alloys makes us your partner of choice in developing new solutions, even for the most demanding applications.
Our responsible supply chain management ensures the conflict-free origin of the primary raw materials we purchase.
As a result of our sustainable procurement process, we have already been certified twice by the EICC as a “Conflict-Free Smelter.” SAM’s experts provide customers with technical assistance and support, and a wealth of knowledge in materials and coating technology.

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