What are the Performances of the Wear-resisting and Anti-corrosive Coating?

The wear-resisting and anti-corrosive coating are various and widely used, such as mold, chassis frame, factory floor tile, wear-resisting shell, medical equipment and so on. Therefore, the high hardness wear-resisting anticorrosive coating has a very broad market prospect and extremely important strategic significance.

In the wear-resisting coating industry, the resistance of the coating to the friction mechanism is the embodiment of the comprehensive effect of the hardness, adhesion, and cohesion of the coating. In fact, the hardness of the metal itself is very high but its surface wear resistance is low, so there’s a lot of wear and tear. In order to improve the abrasion resistance under different abrasion mechanism, different types of high hardness anti-corrosion coatings can be used appropriately.

Excellent properties

At present, the hardness of ZS-911 high-hardness wear-resisting and waterproof coating and ZS-922 transparent wear-resisting and anticorrosive coating reaches more than 7-9h. They are cured at room temperature and resistant to acid, alkali and long-term corrosion, and have a long service life. This coating chelates the resin modified by inorganic-organic grafting as a film forming material and adds corundum, ceramic powder, spherical graphite powder and molybdenum powder as a filler. The coating has many excellent properties, such as high hardness, tight waterproof and acid-base corrosion resistance, and the wear-resisting property of wear-resisting and the waterproof coating is changed very little along with the increase of using temperature.


The wear-resisting and anticorrosive coating adopt high and new nanotechnology, which greatly improves the wear-resisting, acid-alkali resisting, high-temperature wear-resisting and other functions of the coating, and can provide a protective coating with high wear-resisting, impact-resisting, high adhesion, strong weather resisting and heat shock resisting for industrial equipment.

The new energy-saving wear-resisting coating is mainly composed of high-temperature molecular material, wear-resisting aggregate, ultrafine powder, and inorganic polymer dispersion liquid. After curing, the coating particles are closely accumulated with no major macroscopic defects and large volume density. Its strength can reach more than 210Mpa at room temperature, which is incomparable with ordinary concrete, refractory castable, and ordinary metal. Due to the use of acid and alkali resistant special raw materials, the coating has a stable performance and will not react with the medium. Wear-resisting and waterproof coatings are mainly made of the high-temperature synthetic material, which is one of the best inert materials with good crystal development, complete structure and free from environmental factors, so it can effectively resist the action of environmental media.


The excellent mechanical properties and wear-resistance index of wear-resisting ceramic anticorrosive coating make it suitable for waste heat power generation system in the cement industry and inner lining of the circulating fluidized bed boiler in power plant. It can withstand severe high temperature and high speed hot dusty airflow erosion and wear, so as to effectively improve the operating cycle of equipment.

Besides, the wear-resisting and anticorrosive coating can be applied to pipelines, chemical equipment, storage, kiln, medicine, aerospace, sewage and so on to protect the substrate well. The experiment proves that wear-resisting ceramic coating is an ideal material for the lining of the vertical mill, roller press, powder separator, powder pipeline valve and powder conveying pipeline in cement industry, and its coating performance is far greater than that of ordinary materials.

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