What are the differences among chrome plating, nickel plating and galvanization?

Based on the principle of electrolyzation , plating is a process that plating a thin layer of other metal or alloy on some metal surface, which takes electrolytic action to make a layer of metal film adhered on the surface of metal or other materials to prevent metal oxidation (rust), improve the wear resistance and electric conductivity, reflective resistance, corrosion resistance, copper sulfate, etc.) and create beautiful appearance etc.

Plating is often divided into copper plating, gold plating, silver plating, chrome plating, nickel plating and galvanization. Especially, nickel plating, galvanization and chrome plated are most widely used in the field of manufacturing.


Definition: galvanization refers to a surface treatment technology that coating the surface of metal, alloy or other material with a layer of zinc in order to prevent rust and keep beautiful, etc.
Features: low cost, corrosion resistance, color is silver.
Applications: screws, circuit breaker, industrial supplies, etc.

Nickel plating

Definition: nickel plating is plating a layer of nickel on the surface of metal or some non-metallic metal by taking electrolysis or chemical methods.
Features: beautiful, decorative, expensive, complex in technology, yellow and silvery in color.
Applications: energy-saving lamp holder, coins, hardware, etc.

Chrome plating

Definition: chrome is a kind of microstrip blue, bright white metal , chromium plating is plating a layer of chrome on the surface of metal or some non-metallic metal by taking electrolysis or chemical methods.
Features: there are two kinds of chrome plating, the first one is better in decoration, bright appearance and friction resistance, and the oxidation of which is better than galvanization but the rust resistance is weaker; the second one is to increase the hardness, wear resistance of metal parts, etc., which is the functional parts.
Application: home appliances, electronic products such as light decoration, tools, taps, etc.


Chrome plated is mainly to improve the surface hardness, beauty and pervert rust. Chromium coating has good chemical stability don’t react in the alkali, sulphur, nitric acid and most organic acids, but it will soluble in halogen acid (hydrochloric acid) and hot sulfuric acid. Chrome can keep its reflection ability that is better than silver and nickel because of its non-discolouring property. Process is generally electroplating.

Nickel plating is wear-resisting, anti-corrosion, rust prevention and thin in thickness, it is divided into two categories of electroplating and chemical in the process.

Galvanization is beautiful and prevents objects from rust. The corrosion resistance of zinc is poor since it’s an active metal that can react with acid, so it is the cheapest in three.

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