What are the Applications of Copper Powders

Recently, powder metallurgy has rapidly grown, both in the variety of metal powders and in the quantity produced. Almost all materials can be obtained as a powder, but the method selected for production of powder depends on the specific material properties. The main categories of fabrication techniques are based on mechanical commuting, chemical reaction, electrolytic deposition and liquid metal atomization.

antique copper powder

Pure copper powders are widely used in the electrical and the electronic industries because of its excellent electrical and thermal conductivities. Pure copper powders may be obtained for these demands by electrodeposition.

The basic application field of copper powder is powder metallurgy, where it is used for development of various products of constructional, antifriction and electrotechnical purposes, and also composite materials. In so doing copper powder is an intermediate product of copper manufacture and should meet the certain requirements.

copper powder

The electrolytic method allows producing chemically pure copper powders, which have unique, stable properties (a dendritic shape, a dense texture of particles). The basic advantage of the given method is a possibility of regulation of a powder’s structure and properties by means of variation of electrolytic deposition parameters and an electrolyte composition. It allows to influence a structure, a size, a shape and a chemical composition of powders.

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