Why Pink IPhone Fade?

Pink iPhone and Vacuum Coating

The pink iPhone6s with 18k rose gold case has attracted numerous female customers all over the world because of its shining and lovely color. According to the statistics, one third of the iPhone6s sales during the first week of the product release are pink iPhones. What is the technology that makes the case of iPhones pink? The answer is vacuum coating.

China is not only the manufacturing base of iPhone, but also the main manufactures of mobile phone shell. Business on production of mobile phone is developing fast. The traditional method of water coating and electroplating have many drawbacks, such as environment pollution, low efficiency and unsatisfying quality of the appearance. Therefore, the coating technology has been updated. Vacuum coating begins to be popular. Vacuum plating is a physical deposition phenomenon. To be more specific, with argon in the vacuum state, the target materials are separated into ions and adsorbed to form a layer of uniform smooth surface layer by conductive materials.

Overall, mobile phones with vacuum coating have the following advantages:

  • ¬†Surface brightening

When the phone is just bought, its luminosity can reach 80. The phone case can still shine even if it is stained with dust.

  • Anti-oxidation

Vacuum coating operation can prevent the noble commodity atmospheric oxidation, because ion bombardment covers the surface of the accessories.

  • ¬†Long lasting

Vacuum coating has a stronger ability to attach, which can be maintained for more than a few years. Therefore, the plating will not be oxidized or easy to fall off.

  • ¬†Environmental friendly

There is no solution contamination during the process of vacuum coating because the coating materials cover the surface of the work piece by plasma deposition, which has no harm to the environment.
As we all know, vacuum coating is a surface processing technology rising in recent years. With the advantages of high metal luster, low toxicity environmental protection, good adhesion, little signal loss, color diversification, and excellent salt spray performance, vacuum coating has gradually become the most mainstream electroplating processing method and has been widely used in different industries.

However, as a new developing technology, the quality of the manufactures varies. There are some technical problems that not every coating plant can fully grasp and solve. For example, rose gold with vacuum coating are easy to fade with two situations. Vacuum coating products has poor aging resistance and easy to fade after the aging test under the sun. After the tests of alcohol or perfume, the surface of vacuum coating begins to have decolorization.

Coating Decolorization


1. Due to the poor performance of color concentrates or color paste, rose gold color has temporary stability after UV curing. Then it will turn into other colors after a period of time.

2. The distribution of coating is uneven. That is, the thickness of the plating layer is not uniform, resulting in different metal reflection effects in different regions. The thin parts of the plating are likely to turn yellow.

3. UV curing effect of the finish is not good and UV exposure is insufficient. Then the UV surface has curing. While the under part of the paint is not completely dry yet, and has reaction with metal coating, resulting in the color change of electroplating products.

4. If UV of the finish has too much exposure, the color will turn lighter because the color concentrates or the color pastes are unstable under high temperature.


1. Replace with color concentrates or color paste with more stable performance.

2. Reduce the density of the product in the vacuum plating furnace. Increase the spacing between the products. Using longer plating material is another good way to uneven thickness of the plating.

3. Increase the UV energy or reduce the UV energy according to the material needs. Adjust the distance between the product and the UV lamp to improve the exposure effect of UV paint. Avoid discoloration when it is not complete dry or under excessive exposure.

4. Use three-layer coatings of the vacuum coating processing. Replace the original surface coating method with painted plus color + cover transparent UV finish way to block the alcohol solvent erosion.

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