How Does Boron Nitride Work in Coating Industry?

The application of boron nitride in coating industry is based on its lubrication property, especially in high temperature. The main applications are boron nitride coating and boron nitride release agent.

The friction coefficient of boron nitride is very low and the self-lubricating property is excellent. It is an important anti-friction self-lubricating coating material, which can be applied to the soft lubricated components of wearable coatings at above 1000℃. The coating of boron nitride is suitable for spray coating with gas stabilized plasma spraying, supersonic flame spraying, and explosive spraying process. Boron nitride is used as the soft component of high-temperature seal coating for aero-engine, high-temperature lubrication and anti-friction coating, electric insulating coating, neutron absorbing coating, etc.

boron nitride coating

The metal, ceramic and graphite can be coated with boron nitride coating to make it have good lubricity and anti-stickiness. In addition, the coating can reduce or prevent the chemical reaction between the baselining and the melt, thus extending its service life.

The boron nitride coating can be used as a stripping agent for the hot pressing and glass forming of ceramics, as well as the coating of metal casting mouth mold. Boron nitride coating has good lubricating properties at high temperature and is an ideal mold release agent. As a result, they can be used in the process of superplastic forming (temperature is about 1000 ℃). Boron nitride coating has high thermal stability, so it is often used to replace the graphite and molybdenum disulfide used today. Boron nitride coating can be applied to protect the surface of crucible and boat because boron nitride has a very good non-wettability to the melt. With the high thermal conductivity of boron nitride, the boron nitride coating is applied to the thermocouple sleeve, and the thermocouple is immersed in the melt without erosion, which is another application.

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