Development and Application of the Titanium Plating Technology

With the development of modern industrial technology, there are higher requirements on the appearance and performance of most parts since the beginning of the 21st century, and traditional parts processing methods and surface treatment technology cannot reach the standards in front of these strict requirements. After a long period of research, titanium plating has solved such problems. Titanium plating can not only meet people’s requirements for wear resistance, corrosion resistance, less consumption and other properties of parts but also solve the problem that parts cannot withstand the high-temperature environment, which manages to keep the parts basically undeformed and hardened.

Titanium plating is a kind of surface treatment technology for metal materials, which has been widely used in the industrial field and is intended to be popularized gradually.

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) has been used since the late 1970s. Physical vapor deposition technology can be applied to the manufacture of hard films, which can improve the mechanical and chemical properties of products, and make products with high wear resistance, high hardness, and other properties, as well as reduce friction. The technology has aroused a great response in tool manufacturing around the world since it was first used and has been highly valued. Besides that, this technology is in line with the requirements of modern people for environmental pollution-free processing technology, which is a green technology.

Titanium plating process is a coating technology using a variety of materials, and the processing temperature should be kept at 150 degrees Celsius. Titanium plating not only makes the tool colorful but also makes the tool achieve a certain hardness effect. PVD Titanium plating makes the tool have excellent performance.

Titanium nitride

Titanium nitride is one of the coating processes of titanium plating. Generally, the color of this kind of titanium nitride is golden. Titanium nitride not only has excellent performance but also has a hardness of up to 2300HV, which is widely used in chemical industry, materials, and other industries. The operating temperature of titanium nitride can be up to 580 degrees Celsius, which is suitable for low-temperature coating. Besides that, its friction coefficient of 0.23VSNi can effectively reduce friction and is suitable for use in low-temperature parts. The precision parts produced by this titanium-plated coating process have good abrasion resistance and can withstand corrosion and other adverse environment tests better than other metals without titanium nitride coating and have a long service life. Titanium nitride coating can effectively enhance the surface hardness and the wear resistance of metal, and the good conductivity of titanium nitride can make it suitable for medical, glass and jewelry industries.

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