Application of Rare Earth in Coating Industry

Rare earth elements are widely used in rare earth coatings due to their special chemical activities. At present, the discovered rare earth is mainly used in the coating industry as dryers, rare earth curing agents, rare earth pigments, rare earth insulation coatings and so on.

Paint drier

The traditional drier is generally the organic acid soap of metals such as cobalt, manganese, lead, zinc, and calcium in the coating industry. Although they still play an important role in coatings, there are also some defects such as monotonous dryness effect, serious pollution, and high price.

Compared with traditional drier, rare earth drier can make up for the deficiency of traditional drier and give full play to its excellent properties. Rare earth drier can improve the color of coating and increase the cross-linking degree, hardness and solvent resistance of the coating. Besides that, it can also eliminate the pollution of lead and calcium, and overcome the defects that cobalt drier can easily cause the coating to crust and the film to wrinkle. Above all, it’s cheap.

Curing agent for coating

Rare earth phosphate (RPO4) and rare earth sulfate (R2(SO4)3) can be used as new high efficiency curing agents for building coatings, especially for the inorganic compound series of water glass (sodium silicate). Besides that, they can also make paint color soft, film transparency, mechanical properties and weather resistance improved greatly, which is because the coating can form a large reticular molecular structure after the recombination of rare earth salt curing agents.

Rare earth luminescent pigments

 luminescent pigments

Traditional luminescent pigments are usually made from zinc, calcium, barium or strontium sulfide, a small amount of flux (such as sodium chloride), a small number of activators (such as copper chloride) mixed and calcined. Rare earth luminescent pigments have been found to have many advantages in recent years. Their luminance is higher than that of traditional luminescent pigments, and their afterglow time is ten times longer.

Rare earth thermal insulation coating

Rare earth composite thermal insulation coatings are the latest thermal insulation coatings after traditional thermal insulation materials. It is made from mineral inorganic materials, with a variety of additives and a small number of rare earth elements. It does not contain the organic binder. It is a combination of heat preservation, heat insulation, waterproofing and corrosion protection. It also has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, strong adhesion, small thickness and simple construction.

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